Sustainable gift ideas for the festive season

It's the season! We can't deny that gifts are basically a big part of the festive season, but at CIRCLE CLOSET we don't believe in buying stuff you don't need and buying lots of it. However, gifts are nice to give. For that reason we created a sustainable gift list to inspire you giving consciously this season. Here it comes!


1. Gift nothing

Greenpeace knows what's up and they know that buying a lot is unnecessary and harmful to the environment. Aside from that, Dutch people are relatively rich and often don't know what to ask for Christmas or birthdays. We already have it all! With that in mind they created the perfect gift: the gift of NOTHING. Nothing, in Dutch 'niks', can be given for any occasion, but it for sure is a nice gesture for the holidays. You can choose between different sizes of NOTHING like 'three times nothing' and 'totally nothing'. 
the gift of nothing from Greenpeace

2. Gift consumables 

Gifting consumables is basically gifting joy. Who doesn't enjoy are carefully crafted wine or a delicious fresh cake. We all need to eat and drink, so why not enjoy it and gift each other tasty consumables. Have a look at, for example, the delicious locally crafted wines from Chateau Amsterdam. They also do nice wine tastings. 

chateau Amsterdam picture of restaurant


3. Gift experiences 

Experiences might be the most precious gift you can give. Money comes and goes, but time never comes back end memories will never go. Maybe somebody always wanted to do a pottery course, or desperately wants to see a certain singer. How nice to give someone the memory of that? At CIRCLE CLOSET we also have giftcards. They are a great way to gift someone the experience of renting and wearing beautiful designer items for any occasion. Gift them a gorgeous look for a Christmas party and they will for sure be thankful ;)

giftcard from circle closet


So, plenty ideas to choose from and gift consciously this season. Happy giving!