A word by our founder Florentine

Did you know women only wear 29% of their clothes?

After working as a marketer for years, I started to realize that people are seduced to consume what they can when they can. Being fashionable and on trend is a must. This the direction we don’t want to go for a sustainable and healthy future. I was fascinated by the fact that I/ we women can have a closet packed with clothes and still don’t know what to wear on a night out. According to research, women only wear 29% of their clothes, this means 71% hangs unworn in their closets! For a party, wedding, business event we don’t want to wear the same twice. In this occasion we order something fast fashion online. 

So not buying anything new, will that be the solution? Life will be pretty boring. I realized this can be done different. Unlimited ‘new’ clothes, without feeling guilty of spending money, space and do taking care of your planet. This is how CIRCLE CLOSET was born. You own your basics and rent outstanding pieces for occasions and seasons. Creating a closet that will never bore you. No unworn clothes, but sharing it with other beautiful women.