Your unused designer items are worth money! Start lending your items today. We will arrange everything for you through our personal concierge service. 

      What can I earn?

      The rental price will be on average 12-30% of the retail price.

      We charge a 25% fee.

      Your income will be:
      The rental price - 15 euro fixed costs - 25% fee.

      What else?

      We find top notch quality on our platform super important. That is why we carefully select the items that can be lended via our platform. We will get back to you within a few days which items are selected.

      In case of small damages or stains we take care of repairs. In case of irreparable damages or loss of items we charge the renter the current market value.

      In case you want to stop lending out certain or all items, let us know one month in advance.

      To make amazing photos and list your items we charge a one time 10 euro fee per item