Become a lender

Turn your closet into an extra source of income! Lending your items is free, easy to do by yourself and makes you a vital part of our community.


4 easy steps to lend

How does it work?

1. List your item(s) online.

2. We will review your item, and once it is approved you will receive a confirmation email.

3. We will upload your item on our platform within one week, meaning your item(s) are ready to be rented!

4. Once your item is rented, we will connect you with the renter, then send you the delivery labels, and help you if you have any question.

That's it, happy lending!

p.s. Lending is stress-free for more questions about the lending process check out FAQ

How much can I earn?

Short answer: your next drinks or dinner are paid for!

Please tell us what you would like to charge for 4-days, and we will convert that to 14- and 30-day rental prices. We will facilitate the connection, communication, and the PostNL labels, and pay the delivery cost (worth 13,75 euro). We charge an 18 euro service fee for these services. .


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