Orange And White Printed Midi Dress

€60/4 days Original Retail price: €395

Wardrobe of Lotte S.

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Total: €60

Wardrobe of Lotte S.

This stylish orange and white midi dress by Sandro is designed to provide an easy, form-flattering fit. Its wrap design fits sizes 34 and 36, lending a versatile and comfortable style for any occasion.

Fits normal. Because it’s a wrap dress, the lender believes it fits both a size 34 and 36.

100% Polyester

What if this item doesn’t fit?

Return this item within 24 hours and you'll receive a part-money, part-credit refund.

When will I receive my item?

Items are shipped out 2 days in advance. In the rare case that the item arrives past your booking date, the 5 euro Delivery Protection Fee has you covered.

What if I damage my item?

Your rental covers up to 40 euros in wear and tear damages.


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